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Q1. How do I apply to be a Member?
Please contact the Membership Manager on 5783 0200 for more information. A range of payment options are available upon request.

Q2. How many Members will the Club have?
The maximum number of Members in the main categories are:
• Super 7 - 50
• 7 day - 600
• 6 day - 250
• Midweek - 200
• Corporate - 40
• Juniors - 150

Country Club Limited to Owners/Residents of the Hidden Valley Estate

Q3. What are Members entitled to?
All Individual and Corporate Members are entitled to use all the Club Facilities with the following exceptions:
• 6 Day Members cannot use the Golf Course on Saturday.
• Midweek Members cannot use the Golf Course on Weekends and Public Holidays.
• Country Club Members cannot use the Golf Course.

Q4. Can Junior Members become Individual Members?
Yes. When a Junior Member reaches 25 years of age, they have the right to apply to become an Individual Member in any category that they choose. The Junior Member must pay the difference between the price of the individual membership that they choose and the amount that they paid for the Junior Membership. The Junior Members have 3 months to choose; otherwise their rights are lost.

Q5. How does Corporate Membership operate?
Membership entitles the Corporate Member to nominate two nominees. The Membership privileges held by a nominee may be transferred to another nominee. Each nominee has access to play the Golf Course and to invite 3 Guests. The Member is allowed 6 Guest passes for 18 holes per month without Green Fees, but thereafter must pay Green Fees.

Q6. Are Memberships at the Hidden Valley Golf & Country Club transferable?
Yes. Memberships are transferable or saleable but only on the following basis:
• At least 75% of the Memberships in that particular category have been sold;
• All outstanding fees and liabilities have been satisfied;
• A transfer fee is paid;
• The Committee approves of the transfer;
• Junior Memberships are not transferable;

Q7. May I bring guests to the Country Club?
Yes. A Member (except Junior and Country Club Restricted Junior Members) may entertain Guests at the Club. All Guests will be subject to the Club Rules. The number of Guests may be limited at the Manager’s discretion. Members are responsible for the conduct, dress and charges of their Guests. Fees will apply to a Guest’s use of sporting facilities.

Q8. What are the operating hours of the Club?
The Club will be open 7 days each week throughout the year. The hours of operation of the various Club facilities shall be determined by the Club Manager, and may be adjusted as Member usage dictates.

Q9. How does the Country Club Membership work?
Any Owner or Resident within the Hidden Valley Estate may become a Country Club Member. A Country Club Member is entitled to use all of the Club’s facilities except the Golf Course.
For a full comprehensive Golf Members Kit please contact us.